About me

sanfranHi! I’m Julie Warner and I am a doctoral student in the department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. I am also a fellow of the National Writing Project and a National Board Certified Teacher and an instructor in the department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia.

My background is as a secondary English teacher in the Georgia public school system.  Watching my students writing voraciously on blogs, social network sites, message boards and other means of computer-mediated communication, I realized that the kinds of print literacies I was teaching in my classroom were becoming obsolete. Not only that, but they positioned my students, the same ones I saw as highly literate in unsanctioned literacy practices, as unskilled and illiterate. For this reason, I left public school teaching to pursue my doctoral research, which examines new literacies and the social and cultural changes that have emerged with new technologies and vice versa.

My ultimate goal is to develop tools and curriculum that harness web 2.0 and other new media to teach reading, writing, and other literacy skills important for our students in the 21st century. I consider this a social justice issue.

I enjoy being involved in the professional conversation and welcome any feedback.

My website is www.juliemwarner.com


One Response to “About me”

  1. Lew Robins Says:

    Hi Julie:
    The blog is excellent. If you would be interested in the technology I’ve been developing for teaching Ameican History and Social studies, I’d be glad to show it to you.

    Hope all is well. All good wishes,


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